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#1741: Tarot Reading - What Are Fake Tarot Readings
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 There are actually a lot of companies or individuals during these days
 that offer or render '''[http://www.psychicreviewonline.com/tarot-card-
 readings.php Tarot Reading]''' to anyone who would like to. Due to the
 number of '''Tarot reading '''services right now, a lot of them are not
 true or are not serious with their '''tarot readings''', and these are the
 ones that you would definitely want to avoid. So how is it to actually
 warn yourself about a tarot reading that is considered to be fake?
 Cards.jpg)]] [[BR]][[BR]][[BR]] There are advertisements of some
 '''[http://proofgeneral.inf.ed.ac.uk/trac/ticket/393 Tarot Readings]'''
 that can be considered as "too good to be true" may most likely be a fake
 '''Tarot '''reader. There are actually a lot of these, especially on the
 internet. Be careful when getting a free psychic or '''tarot reading
 '''from any web sites, where you pay after 3 free minutes of free call.
 Hang up as soon as possible if you don't want to pay, because you are just
 wasting your time and as well as your money with a fake '''tarot

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