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#1724: new_iterator branch - bus error
 Reporter:  rgommers                  |       Owner:  somebody   
     Type:  defect                    |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  normal                    |   Milestone:  Unscheduled
Component:  numpy.core                |     Version:  none       
 Keywords:  new_iterator, half-float  |  

Comment(by m-paradox):

 Hmmm, none of that sounds like it would cause this crash.  Looking at the
 stack trace again, I see it's crashing during the repr() call to print the
 array.  I'd need to play with it a bit to diagnose further.

 I tried building with the build_ext -i, and it still worked fine for me.

 I read through the mailing list archives to try and get an understanding
 of the issues, and there were a few.  The one I wasn't sure about, the
 type metadata, appears to already be in 1.5, and the rest of them seemed
 reasonable to deal with.  Here's a summary:

 * Any type enum value like NPY_OBJECT needs to stay the same.  I did this
 by moving the new types to the end of the enum, which also required
 gutting the existing type promotion system.
 * The PyArray_ArrFuncs struct needs to keep the exact same layout (this
 was the main roadblock discussed on the list for 1.4.0).  At issue is the
 array 'cast' which has one cast function per type enum value.  I changed
 it so it just has values for the types that were in 1.5, and new types go
 in the 'castdict', which formerly just held cast functions for custom user
 * The PyArray_Descr had some small changes which I had to revert (but
 which had no effect on functionality).

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