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Fri Jul 29 10:52:57 CDT 2011

#1917: Memory leak in 2.0.0.dev-Unknown
  Reporter:  jiffyclub   |       Owner:  somebody
      Type:  defect      |      Status:  reopened
  Priority:  highest     |   Milestone:  2.0.0   
 Component:  numpy.core  |     Version:  devel   
Resolution:              |    Keywords:  memory  

Comment(by mwiebe):

 Found the bug, this was because I forgot to uncomment the PyDataMem_FREE
 call again after tracking down some difficult crashing issues. I had a
 double-free issue I tracked down by commenting that out, then in the
 relief of getting that sorted out, I neglected that important step. I'll
 try to come up with a test which would catch this kind of thing and commit
 the fix shortly.

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