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#1855: Numerical-stable sum (similar to math.fsum)
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 For some applications, having a numerical-stable sum is critical.  What I
 mean can be well illustrated in the examples below:

 >>> math.fsum([1, 1e-10] * 1000), numpy.sum([1, 1e-10] * 1000)
 (1000.0000001, 1000.0000001000171)
 >>> math.fsum([1, 1e100, 1, -1e100] * 10000), numpy.sum([1, 1e100, 1,
 -1e100] * 10000)
 (20000.0, 0.0)

 Here math.fsum is a numerical stable sum introduced in Python 2.6, which
 uses the Shewchuk algorithm (seems to be described in

 Other complaints about the plain vanilla numpy.sum could be found in a
 recent thread:

 I hope numpy.sum can also implement something similar (e.g., Shewchuk
 algorithm or Kahan summation algorithm or partial sum).  We could add an
 optional argument "stable=True/False" to numpy.sum and let the user
 decides whether they want a more accuracy (but potentially slower)

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