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#1757: Car Games - How to Make Long Car Rides Fun
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 If there is anything that long car rides are, they are completely and
 utterly boring. That is why in the event that you decide to bring your
 kids to a road trip, it will be best if you can put an extensive
 compilation of '''[http://blackpenguin.net/ Fun Games]''' that your child
 make do with as you about with the car ride. You know, it can get really
 irritating hearing your kids repetitively ask if you have arrived to your
 destination yet. So to avoid that, keep them entertained by '''games''' so
 that their focus will be on the '''van game''' and not on the length of
 the trip anymore.


 There are a lot of '''[http://lfa122.elektro.uni-
 wuppertal.de/trac/CINSim/ticket/2491 Fun Games]''' that you can fund over
 the world wide web so there is really no need for you to make your own
 customized '''interesting game'''  that you can introduce to your kids
 because the cyber space is teeming with oke '''games''' that one can just
 literally take your pick from the choices.

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