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#1770: Segfault with python 3.2 structured array non-existent field
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Comment(by charris):

 I think PyString_AsString already does the unicode decoding:

 char* PyString_AsString(PyObject *string)¶
     Return a NUL-terminated representation of the contents of string. The
 pointer refers to the internal buffer of string, not a copy. The data must
 not be modified in any way, unless the string was just created using
 PyString_FromStringAndSize(NULL, size). It must not be deallocated. If
 string is a Unicode object, this function computes the default encoding of
 string and operates on that. If string is not a string object at all,
 PyString_AsString() returns NULL and raises TypeError.

 Does the return does need to be checked for NULL?

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