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#1032: Crash on fastputmask on win32
  Reporter:  cdavid  |       Owner:  cdavid     
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 Like David said on-list, working on linux is not a good reason to close
 this - it's a Windows issue. Tried this on win32, works fine with python
 2.5. With python 3.1 I get the following with the test code in the first
 $ wine ../.wine/drive_c/Python31/python.exe crash.py
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "crash.py", line 12, in <module>
     base = ma.array(zip(ilist,flist,slist), mask=mask, dtype=ddtype)
   File "Z:\Users\zouzoujing\.wine\drive_c\Python31\lib\site-
 packages\numpy\ma\core.py", line 5735, in array
     fill_value=fill_value, ndmin=ndmin, shrink=shrink)
   File "Z:\Users\zouzoujing\.wine\drive_c\Python31\lib\site-
 packages\numpy\ma\core.py", line 2633, in __new__
     _data = np.array(data, dtype=dtype, copy=copy, subok=True,
 TypeError: expected an object with a buffer interface
 Not sure if that's related to the original crash or not.

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