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Fri Mar 25 04:13:04 CDT 2011

#1180: numpy.average: add an option to skip 'None' values from count
  Reporter:  dalloliogm   |       Owner:  somebody   
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed     
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Comment(by dalloliogm):

 Replying to [comment:1 mwiebe]:
 > I think Python list comprehensions offer a better syntax then an
 'ignore_None' flag would provide. See:
 > {{{
 > In [44]: a = [1, None, 2, None]
 > In [45]: [x for x in a if x != None]
 > Out[45]: [1, 2]
 > In [46]: numpy.average([x for x in a if x != None])
 > Out[46]: 1.5
 > }}}
 > Closing as wontfix.

 Try explaining this to a newbie who does not know what list comprehensions

 In any case, consider that almost all the other
 mathematical/statistical/data analysis languages use the method proposed
 above; so, forcing people to use list comprehensions while with all the
 other languages people just use a parameter would be an anomaly.

 Example of implementation:

 >>> numpy.average([1, 2, None], ignore_None=True)

 It won't even be so difficult to implement, you can use the list
 comprehension code that you wrote above.

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