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Sat Mar 26 17:18:34 CDT 2011

#1071: loadtxt fails if the last column contains empty value
 Reporter:  Electrion            |       Owner:  somebody    
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  needs_review
 Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:  1.6.0       
Component:  numpy.lib            |     Version:  devel       
 Keywords:  loadtxt ascii strip  |  
Changes (by derek):

  * status:  new => needs_review
  * milestone:  Unscheduled => 1.6.0


 Note: as default delimiter tab is treated as 'any whitespace', which
 includes any number of blanks or tabs.
 These are therefore treated differently from delimiters like ',' or '&'.
 I'd reckon there are too many people
 actually relying on this behaviour to silently change it (e.g. I know
 plenty of tables with columns separated
 by either one or  several tabs depending on the length of the previous

 But tab is apparently also treated differently if explicitly specified
 with "delimiter='\t'" -
 and in that case using a converter à la {{{ {2: lambda s: float(s or
 'Nan')} }}} is working for
 fields in the middle of the line, but not at the end - this is the case
 that should be fixed.
 Patch for 1.6.0beta1:

 diff --git a/numpy/lib/npyio.py b/numpy/lib/npyio.py
 index 9fbacaa..a1b58aa 100644
 --- a/numpy/lib/npyio.py
 +++ b/numpy/lib/npyio.py
 @@ -724,7 +728,7 @@ def loadtxt(fname, dtype=float, comments='#',

      def split_line(line):
          """Chop off comments, strip, and split at delimiter."""
 -        line = asbytes(line).split(comments)[0].strip()
 +        line = asbytes(line).split(comments)[0].strip(asbytes(' \r\n'))
          if line:
              return line.split(delimiter)

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