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#1192: integer dot product
  Reporter:  jloper   |       Owner:  somebody
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  closed  
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 Component:  Other    |     Version:  1.2.1   
Resolution:  invalid  |    Keywords:  dot int8

Comment(by bsouthey):

 (Any examples must use numpy's functions.)
 This is invalid because dot keeps the input dtype causing an overflow.
 This can be seen by using the dtype argument:
 np.sum(a*b).dtype # dtype('int64') on 64-bit linux
 np.sum(a*b, dtype=numpy.int8).dtype # dtype('int8') but wrong answer
 By default numpy.sum (and probably Python's sum) uses the platform default
 and will give the correct answer until that precision overflows.

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