[NumPy-Tickets] [NumPy] #1382: Sun compiler flags not correct for 64 bits compile

Neinhues, Burkhard Burkhard.Neinhues@airbus....
Mon Mar 28 06:38:00 CDT 2011


the problem is that with the given numpy version there was no
option to force a 64 bit compile on a Solaris machine capable of running and compiling
64bit code.

The flags I used may be system-specific, but did the the trick with Studio 9 and
an Ultra Sparc architecture.

I think there should be a general option fo configure for 32/64 bit compile if this information
could not be determined from other sources (e.g. from Python).

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#1382: Sun compiler flags not correct for 64 bits compile
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 This looks like you're just adding flags that work on your specific  system. For example -xtarget has a default "generic" which works on all  systems, while specifying "ultra" may not always work (for example,  there's also an "opteron" target). Same for -xarch. I think you are stuck  to patching distutils before install here if you want more optimized  compilation.

 Please reopen if I misunderstood.

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