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#2049: Building 64-bit using VS2008 EE
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Comment(by mwiebe):

 I've done this too, but without installing VS2008 EE, the compiler is
 already fully included in the Windows SDK. The notes I kept about my
 process are as follows:

 1. Install the Windows SDK 7.0 (the one with .NET 3.5), available as a
 free download from Microsoft’s website. This will install the C++
 compilers used by Visual Studio 2008.

 2. Fix a bug in the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft
 SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Bin\SetEnv.cmd, by editing the file in a text editor.
 Make a backup of the file first. You may have to run the text editor as
 Administrator, then open this file, because it is protected by the OS.

 a) Find a section labeled “Prevent path duplication if...” which is using
 environment variables called ORIGINALPATH, ORIGINALINCLUDE, and
 ORIGINALLIB. Replace every “!” with “%” here, for example

 b) Throughout the file, replace occurrences of “!Path!” with “%Path%”.

 3. Create a batch file in the main numpy source directory, called
 build_winsdk.bat, with the following commands in it. This is for 64-bit
 Windows on Windows 7. On 32-bit windows, you should replace the part “/x64
 /win7” with “/x86 /xp”.:

 CALL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Bin\SetEnv.cmd"
 /release /x64 /win7
 set MSSdk=1
 "C:\Python27\Python.exe" setup.py install

 4. Run the batch file, which will build numpy and then install it to your
 Python 2.7.

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