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#1578: test_from_unicode crashes on Python 2.7 and Numpy 1.4.1
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      Type:  defect      |      Status:  reopened   
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Comment(by jmiessner):

 Background: Port NumPy to Python 2.7.1 custom built with VC++ 2010
 What I found is that some of the code (but not all) for Unicode object
 lifetime was copy-pasted from Python 2.x < 2.7. Python itself is used to
 reallocate/destroy the memory for such objects, but heap management for
 such objects changed in 2.7. Moral of the story: if you cut-and-paste
 code, make sure you get all of it.[[BR]][[BR]]
 There remains at least one more issue causing a crash so I won't attempt
 to patch this until I'm satisfied with my port. I'll leave it up to
 someone more familiar with NumPy to decide if Unicode lifetime support
 could and should be returned to Python.

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