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#2073: stride_tricks with float16
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Comment(by mwiebe):

 Re: "inherit" the array interface: I'm not sure. You should probably ask
 this question on the mailing list.

 Definitely agree about trac. Travis has gotten NumPy approved for
 jetbrains youtrack to try it out, this test will happen as he or someone
 else has the time to get that running. The github has many problems of its
 own, especially for how to prioritize and manipulate mass bugs at once, so
 I'd rather not switch to github either.

 When I run this, it works for me. I guess there's something up with the
 dtype construction in NumPy 1.6 that has been fixed in 1.7:
 In [18]: np.array([1.5], dtype='float16')
 Out[18]: array([ 1.5], dtype=float16)

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