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#764: Inconsistent behavior of float32, float64
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 I'm having problems that may be related to this issue and I'd like an
 opinion, please.

 Basically what happens is I determine an angles (using either math.atan2
 or numpy.arctan2) and stick them in a numpy array and when I get them back
 they are not always in the range math.pi to -math.pi (or numpy.pi to
 -numpy.pi) if their absolute values were near pi (although they were when
 I put them in).

 I've tried this with a number of different dtypes for the array and always
 have problems:

 1. either my asserts re the values are triggered, or
 2. they aren't triggered and I get an incorrect result due the
 calculations going ahead in spite of being out of the bounds.

 Any ideas?

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