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#2228: ABI change in 1.6.1
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Component:  numpy.core                   |     Version:  1.6.1         
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Comment(by mdroe):

 I don't think `NPY_CHAR` needs to exist for arrays of strings and
 `np.char.arrays` to work.  There is one place in `defchararray.py` where
 `np.character` is used since it is the "base class" of `string` and
 `unicode`, but that one liner could certainly be changed at the same time
 that `NPY_CHAR` is removed, and I think all will be well.  We don't appear
 to have any C code that using `NPY_CHAR` or `PyArray_CHAR`.  But that's
 just a back-of-the-napkin assumption based on a little grepping around.  I
 haven't actually tried removing it.

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