[SciPy-dev] Splines in SciPy

Tim Lahey tjlahey at mud.cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 1 18:09:41 CDT 2001


Getting the new version of SciPy from CVS I was happy to see the 
of splines support. However, it is split between interpolate and 
signal. I
personally would prefer a separate splines module. Some of us use splines
for neither of the above. I've been using B-splines as a basis for a 
element method. The SLATEC library on Netlib has an set of excellent
spline codes based upon de Boor's code. The only problem is that it 
support 2-D.

I've written a set of F90 wrappers around the code to support some stuff
in 2-D and provide a more object-oriented api, but I don't need 
so, I've been ignoring that part. I've been planning a port to Python 
and I'd
be happy to help in the development of the splines part of scipy.



Tim Lahey

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