[SciPy-dev] RPMs and source distribution

eric jones eric at scipy.org
Tue Aug 21 17:44:15 CDT 2001

Hey Joe,

Debian packages would be good.  You can definitely help with this.  If you
the package built, send it to me, and we'll stick it on scipy.org. Also,
can you supply a short description of you to install the package on Debian?
Or, another option is for you to put it on your scipy.org member page.  This
would make it easier for you to maintain until it becomes a part of an
automated build process.  We can put a link from the download page to
your member page.

Also, I haven't used Debian and so am not familiar with its packaging (other
than everyone acknowledges that its very slick).  Can the dpkg-buildpackage
stuff be installed and run a on a RH box, or does it require a Debain
If it can be done on a RH box and you can provide the scripts to produce
the packages, we'll try and set it up so that it is built automatically on
system for the next release.



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> Did this debian package ever materialize?
> As far as I know, there is no bdist_deb, but I have packaged other
> python packages using "python setup.py build" and dpkg-buildpackage
> with no trouble.
> I would be interested in working to get this packaged.  Let me know if
> I can help.
> - Joe
> rossini at u.washington.edu (A.J. Rossini) writes:
> >>>>>> "TO" == Travis Oliphant <oliphant at ee.byu.edu> writes:
> >
> >     TO> I've been playing for hours and finally have it so that
> >
> >     TO> python setup.py sdist python setup.by bdist_rpm
> >
> >     TO> work as expected.
> >
> >     TO> I have distributions and RPM's that I need to put somewhere.
> >
> > So distutils stuff works?
> >
> > And are there any plans for a debian package (more "if not, I'll work
> > at it", than an honest request).
> >
> > best,
> > -tony
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