[SciPy-dev] AIX isinf, isfinite, etc.

eric jones eric at scipy.org
Tue Aug 21 20:31:57 CDT 2001

The good news:

Almost all of scipy now compiles on AIX 4.x (at least on the SP3)
using cc_r and g77.  The lone non-ported piece is the vq stuff in cluster.
It needs
a C++ compiler, and I haven't figured out how to force distutils to use gcc
of cc_r (or use cc_r for C files and gcc for C++) files.  It was good to try
this because
cc_r found a few portability issues in the C code. (cc_r is the thread-safe
C compiler on AIX).

The bad news:

Many of the isinf, isnan, isfinite tests fail on this platform.  We new this
was gonna
be a headache, and it is.  No time to explore fixing this now, but will look
into the
issues as soon as possible.


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