[SciPy-dev] Debian package for SciPy

Joe Reinhardt jmr at engineering.uiowa.edu
Tue Dec 18 19:14:40 CST 2001

Hi - I haven't heard much from this list recently.  Hope things are
still progressing.

I packaged the latest SciPy for debian.  You can get it from
people.debian.org/~jmr.     Hopefully, it will make it into the
distribution soon.

I found a small error in quadrature.py, line 351:

    if scipy.isinf(a) or scipy.isinf(b):
        raise ValueError: "Romberg integration only available for finite limits."

The colon should be comma.

I really like the plot tool - I now use it all the time for my image
processing work.  One thing that would be very useful for me is to see
what the pixel value is below the cursor -- any plans to add that?


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