[SciPy-dev] Debian package for SciPy

eric eric at scipy.org
Thu Dec 20 08:55:41 CST 2001

Hi Joseph,

> Hi - I haven't heard much from this list recently.  Hope things are
> still progressing.

It has been sorta slow.  Development should accelerate mid-January when
several other things here are out of the way.

> I packaged the latest SciPy for debian.  You can get it from
> people.debian.org/~jmr.     Hopefully, it will make it into the
> distribution soon.

Thanks.  I've added the link to the SciPy website and posted a news item
about it.  Did you build these from the latest CVS or are they from the same
source base as 0.1?  I noticed the packages had a 0.2.0 name on them.

> I found a small error in quadrature.py, line 351:
>     if scipy.isinf(a) or scipy.isinf(b):
>         raise ValueError: "Romberg integration only available for finite
> The colon should be comma.

I'll check this.

> I really like the plot tool - I now use it all the time for my image
> processing work.  One thing that would be very useful for me is to see
> what the pixel value is below the cursor -- any plans to add that?

That would be nice.  I'll put it on the list.


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