[SciPy-dev] Debian package for SciPy

Joe Reinhardt jmr at engineering.uiowa.edu
Thu Dec 20 10:30:36 CST 2001

"eric" <eric at enthought.com> writes:

> Thanks.  I've added the link to the SciPy website and posted a news item
> about it.  Did you build these from the latest CVS or are they from the same
> source base as 0.1?  I noticed the packages had a 0.2.0 name on
> them.

I built from the CVS distribution from Monday or Tuesday evening.

>> I really like the plot tool - I now use it all the time for my image
>> processing work.  One thing that would be very useful for me is to see
>> what the pixel value is below the cursor -- any plans to add that?
> That would be nice.  I'll put it on the list.

I have a patch that does this.   I will try to clean it up and send it

- Joe

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