[SciPy-dev] compiler

eric eric at scipy.org
Fri Dec 28 12:23:56 CST 2001

Hey Rob,

> I see a new compiler in CVS!  Rob.

Yep, its there.  There is quite a bit more functionality such as inlining
C/C++ within Python, but I haven't done much testing on Unix at all.  Also,
the documentation isn't finished.  I'm hoping to finish in early January.

As far as changes to stuff you do in your FDTD code, the compiled_exec()
function has been renamed to blitz(), and you don't have to pass in the
locals() anymore if you don't want to.



can now be called with:


So far, I think your the only one besides me that uses this thing, so the
change shouldn't cause many people problems.

> ps. I'm now working on my FEM-MOM simulator stuff.  I'm porting into
> Python the mesh generator called "sift".  Its a bear.

What kind of mesh generator is it?  Is there a web link?


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