[SciPy-dev] Building SciPy on Mac OS X

Tim Lahey tjlahey at mud.cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jul 24 19:53:00 CDT 2001


I've decide that I'm going to tackle getting SciPy working on
Mac OS X. So, my basic tasks are:

1. Patch Fortran compilation to support f2c.

If I'm correct, I just have to modify build_flib.py to add the new
class ?

2. Patch Other libraries as needed. So far I've found the following:

In the Cephes module, I had to do the following:
special/cephes/polmisc.c - replace malloc.h with stdlib.h
special/cephes/polyn.c - replace  malloc.h with stdlib.h

Because malloc and free are defined in stdlib.h on OS X.

3. GIST won't compile so an alternate plotting library is necessary.

I've been thinking of developing a plotting library on top of
PyOpenGL. There are even some descriptions on getting postscript
output (as a set of vector primitives) using the feedback buffer at:


Thoughts ? Suggestions ?


Tim Lahey

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