[SciPy-dev] Odd result from plt.IsShown()

Magnus Lyckå magnus at thinkware.se
Tue Nov 6 05:40:53 CST 2001

At 10:07 2001-11-05 -0500, Eric wrote:
>Hey Mangus,

Almost right... :-) It's Magnus!

>This may have to do with a few bugs (fixed in the CVS) in gui_thread.py and
>not in plt.... or it could be in plt.  Can you post the code and I'll take a
>look around.

Ok, thanks. I won't waste b/w on the list, so I placed it here:

I feel a bit like going to the doctor with dirty underwear ;-) because
it's just a quick hack, without any major concerns on distributing
responsibilities well. Not a lot of comments either... I hope you can
make something out of it.

I think all relevant stuff is in the MyFrame class, and the methods
OnClose (the tricky one), OnSelectCase and OnCellChange.


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