[SciPy-dev] plot_window, zooming, and such

Jochen Küpper jochen at jochen-kuepper.de
Sat Oct 27 23:25:58 CDT 2001


here comes the next... zooming is there

I put a class plot_window in plt/wxplt.py that corresponds to the
PlotCanvas I send to the list before. 

Moreover I added zooming to the plot_canvas class. Seems to work, but
I haven't tested it too much in interactive mode.

Besides that I added the __type_hack__ stuff to figure() and cleaned
up wxplt.py a bit, esp. changed method names according to the

One problem I run into (worked around here) is the interrelation
between interface and wxplt: I cannot call autoscale() from
plot_canvas methods, as validate_active seems to lead to a race
condition in that case:(

A demo application using plot_window can be found in jkext (on my
homepage). Once that is a little further down the stream I'll make a
standalone distro, but for testing that should be good enough. Almost
all functionality is in scipy anyway.

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