[SciPy-dev] SciPy on Cygwin

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Fri Sep 28 13:03:10 CDT 2001

On 28 Sep 2001, Jochen Küpper wrote:

> Running into the next problem is the definition of PyFortran_Type in
> fortranmodule.h, 

What is this problem?

Try moving all PyFortran_Type stuff from fortranobject.h to
When I look at some of my f2py generated *.c files, I don't see it used
nowhere. So, it is possible that it is not needed at all.
Though, it is not probably releated to the linking problem below.

> Well, it compiles, but I get undefined references on linking.

> build/temp.cygwin-1.3.3-i686-2.1/flapackmodule.o: In function `initflapack':
> /home/software/scipy/linalg/flapackmodule.c:7855: 
  undefined reference to `_imp__PyFortranObject_NewAsAttr'
                           \___ does anyone have idea how _imp__ got here?


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