[SciPy-dev] Documentation and then some

Janko Hauser jhauser at ifm.uni-kiel.de
Sun Sep 30 09:21:18 CDT 2001

Hi, I saw the notice for the new documentation and figured that this
is automatically generated stuff (HappyDoc?!). May I ask, if there is
also interest in a type of documentation like the standard python
library reference? As some of you may know, I had once started
something like this for NumPy. I'm willing to revamp this and build at
least a start. I would start with the documentation for the functions
which are the base of scipy (numeric+handy+misc+basic) and then some
of the other modules (I think I have special, signal, stats and fft
already covered). 


Then I noticed that min(),max() are part of basic. This collides with
the standard min and max of python. Is this a possible problem? Also I
have coded amin(),amax() that if an axis=None is provided a complete
minimum/maximum of the array is calculated.

Then I would like to have a function which combines a.flat() and
ravel() in such a way that where ever possible flat is returned, as
ravel makes a copy of the array. To say the truth I have this function

def flatten(a):
    """Returns a rank 1 view of the array a. Does not create a copy if
    a.iscontiguous() == 1.
    # XXXIMPLEMENTATION: Should perhaps be a special case of ravel,
    # like ravel(a, savespace=1).
    if a.iscontiguous() == 1:
        return a.flat
        return ravel(a)

Another question:
Seeing scipy placed against Matlab, is there also the idea of a
toolbox concept? 

And a last one:
What help regarding the Zope-site is needed? 

Let me say, that I'm very happy, that scipy looks more and more like
the fullfillment of an old idea.

With regards,


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