[SciPy-dev] preparing for release 0.2!

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Mon Apr 1 12:03:20 CST 2002

Hi Eric,

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, eric wrote:

> this is the case, I'd like to shoot for a 0.2 release candidate by Friday, April
> 5th.  Here's a partial list of the things I know of before release:
>     1.    Re-factor scipy_lite module (pending discussion).
>     2.    Fix floating point NaN issues on multiple platforms (cephes module).
>     3.    Have several stats people review the stats module
>     4.    Add lu_factor and lu_solve (qr_factor and qr_solve, etc?) pairs to
> linalg.
>     5.    Clean up weave documentation to match current implementation.
>     6.    Update install instructions.
>     7.    Test on multiple platforms.

      8. Apply system_info.py changes from David M. Cooke that fixes
         SciPy build for Debian Sid and implements site.cfg hooks.

> I guess Pearu and Travis O. are the main guys to add other "todo" items.  Also,
> we should coordinate a 2-4 hour period for one or two days next week on ICQ or
> IRC to work as a group on final clean up.  Right now, I'd say Monday and
> Thursday are the best for me.  Will that work for yall?  Pearu, what time of day
> works best for you?

Usually after 6pm in local time that makes it morning for you, I guess.
But I cannot promise that I'll be easily available this and in the coming
week as I'll be busy with summarizing my real work. But I'll try to help
solving any problems with releasing 0.2 as much as possible.

> I'm excited about getting this one out, because it is getting close to having a
> "functionally complete" core now.  The next revision we can concentrate on docs
> and testing (everyone's favorite I know...).

I'll look forward for it too,

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