[SciPy-dev] CVS updates complete

eric eric at scipy.org
Tue Apr 2 22:25:16 CST 2002

Well, not complete.  There is still some cleanup/rearranging to do, but
everything builds again.  Also, all tests (304 of them)  scipy.test(level=10)
pass for me on Windows with Python 2.1.1 and Numeric 21.b1.

A few notes.

* scipy_base is now split out.  It is meant to be a (somewhat) minimal function
set of things often used in linalg, optimize, integrate, and other low level
functions.  It also holds any changes to the standard Numeric module.  The only
extension module at the moment is fastumath.

* scipy_base has nearly 100% testing coverage (mostly thanks to Travis
Oliphant).  I think we need a few more tests, but it is very close to being a
(reasonably) complete set of tests.

* The issue with Numeric.Character with NumPy pre 21.x should be fixed.

* We're temporarily using some python based ieee floating point code by Tim
Peters while a few of the cephes functions (isnan and isfinite) get moved into

Please tests and let us know of failures.  Also, the contents of scipy_base and
any desired additions or omissions from it are open for comment.


Eric Jones <eric at enthought.com>
Enthought, Inc. [www.enthought.com and www.scipy.org]
(512) 536-1057

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