[SciPy-user] Re: [SciPy-dev] issues with distributing Numeric separately on windows

Steve M. Robbins steven.robbins at videotron.ca
Fri Apr 5 09:53:54 CST 2002

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 09:33:42AM -0600, pearu at scipy.org wrote:

> Personally and in general, I would not feel good if some package
> overwrites already installed version of it. 

Yes, I agree.

> It might happen that the
> installed version of the package is newer and as a result the overwrite
> would break this package (as it may contain new features, bug fixes).

Though now fixed, this has happened to me with the Debian packages in
the past.  It is quite a nuisance.

I realise the current discussion is about the MS windows packaging.
I presume that the Debian packager could continue to keep 'em separated?

> And to make clear for Windows installers that SciPy will work only with
> gcc compiled Numeric. May be it is possible to check that
> the correct Numeric is used already in the SciPy setup.py script and it
> would raise an exception if Numeric is not compiled with gcc.

Presumably you could build a test based on the code that is known to
fail --- that in eric's message?


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