[SciPy-dev] scipy-0.2 -- maybe mid next week

pearu at scipy.org pearu at scipy.org
Sat Apr 6 20:12:14 CST 2002


On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, eric wrote:

> 2.
> Where are we on the linalg to linalg2 transition?  Has everything been moved
> over?  I haven't looked at the cblas/fblas wrappers in a while.  Also, I'm not
> up to speed on all the work Travis and Pearu have done.  Is it release ready?

I have finished blas wrappers. Well, there is still lots of work to do
with tests and wrappers but at least now everything is covered that
is in linalg. Except ger routines but they are not show stoppers, I hope, 
and can wait.

Travis, can we start replacing linalg with linalg2? 
May be first removing linalg to linalg1 in CVS, then linalg2 -> linalg,
and if everything works fine we can remove linalg1 from CVS.
What do you think?

> 3.
> Documentation and installation guides needs to be updated.  There have been
> substantial updates and rearrangments that we should document.  I haven't looked
> at this yet.

I could not find new build instructions that Fernando put together from
the scipy site anymore. What happend to this document? Does anyone has a
copy of it?

> 4.
> source and binary distributions need to be built and tested.  I'd like to have
> Windows,Mac,Debian, and Linux RH rpms available.  I can do the Windows and maybe
> the rpms on a RH 7.x box.  I know binary RPMs have a lot of issues, so I guess
> we should have a source RPM also?

Source (tar-ball) distribution builds and passes all tests (currently 320
for level=1) with Python 2.1 on Debian Woody. With Python 2.2 only some
weave tests fail if the test level is high.


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