[SciPy-dev] scipy-0.2 -- maybe mid next week

pearu at scipy.org pearu at scipy.org
Sun Apr 7 03:31:02 CDT 2002

On 7 Apr 2002, Travis Oliphant wrote:

> A recent checkin caused problems for SciPy on my platform.  Now I can't
> get anything to load before a segfault.

Do you mean Windows?

> I think you were checking in files recently, Pearu.  Can you see any
> reason why I would be getting segfaults now?

In linalg2: I have implemented wrapper for gemm, changed interface a bit
for gemv, and fixed a bug in scal.

If you run
	python -v -c 'import scipy'
this might give more information what is causing your problems.

And as usual, 
	rm -rf build
often solves strange problems.


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