[SciPy-dev] Finished linalg2->linalg transformation

pearu at scipy.org pearu at scipy.org
Sun Apr 7 11:14:00 CDT 2002


I have finished replacing linalg with linalg2. The old version of linalg
is copied into directory linalg/linalg1. Later linalg1 will be removed
from the CVS tree.

I have tested that the new setup builds from tar source distribution on
Woody Debian with Python 2.1.2, gcc-2.95.4, ATLAS-3.3.13.

When updating SciPy from CVS, I suggest first removing linalg and linalg2
directories from your local CVS tree. Also, if you have installed scipy,
it is a good idea to remove all traces of scipy from site-packages
directory (but keep scipy_distutils, otherwise you have to reinstall


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