[SciPy-dev] some notes

eric eric at scipy.org
Sun Apr 7 14:51:32 CDT 2002

> Some notes on latest cvs...
> As I have suggested before the coding guidelines should specify a
> maximum of 79 cols instead of 80, as emacsens break lines with exactly
> 80 cols...
> The style guide(s) referenced should be PEPs 0007 and 0008, not
> Guido's old paper.

Right.  We've (well, I've) been following the 80 convention, but 79
would be better.  I doubt that gets fixed before this release (lower
priority), but it definitely needs to be fixed.

> The reference to Numeric should probably be the generic www.numpy.org,
> even it being a redirect.

Good. Done.

> The THANKS file should adhere to the format guidelines, too. A line
> with 182 cols is a little long for sure:)
> A question mark behind a person in this file doesn't look too
> professional either...  I guess the file needs some general updating?

Yes.  Done.  Let me know if I've missed someone.  Its not intended, I just don't
remember all the patches that have come through.

> A lot of what is in INSTALL typically belongs into a README, whereas
> INSTALL should have just /installation instructions/, IMHO.

I like the INSTALL.txt file in its current form.    Perhaps Pearu made it after
you wrote this?  Anyway, I don't see any reason for changing its format.

> The copyright in the license file ought to be updated, I guess?

I've updated the date.  Is this what you were referring to?

thanks for the comments,

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