[SciPy-dev] cvs junk

Steve M. Robbins steven.robbins at videotron.ca
Mon Apr 8 09:11:16 CDT 2002


Err, these "*~" files aren't supposed to be version-controlled,
are they?

steve at riemann{scipy-cvs-upstream}find . -name '*~'|xargs rm
steve at riemann{scipy-cvs-upstream}cvs -z3 update
U fftw/__init__.py~
U optimize/minpack.h~
U special/amos/setup.py~
U xplt/gistCmodule.c~


by Rocket to the Moon,
by Airplane to the Rocket,
by Taxi to the Airport,
by Frontdoor to the Taxi,
by throwing back the blanket and laying down the legs ...
- They Might Be Giants

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