[SciPy-dev] flbas.dotu fails on windows.

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Mon Apr 8 17:18:55 CDT 2002

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> On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, eric wrote:
> > Python 2.1 and 2.2 both fail the cdotu test for blas.  Does this happen on
> > platforms?
> I have seen this also. But only with gcc-3 and atlas 3.3.13 (Suse). With
> gcc-2.95.x and atlas 3.3.14 dotu succeeds (Suse).

I am using 2.95.3 with atlas 3.3.13.  I'll upgrade my ATLAS overnight tonight.

> Note that this failure
> happens for single precision, double seems to work in all cases.

You are right.  The double version worked here also.

> I have
> little idea what is failing (atlas?,f2py?,compiler?,returning complex?).
> More success/failure reports on different platforms and compiler/atlas
> combinations would be useful. On debian, gcc-2.95.4, atlas 3.3.13 cdotu
> works correctly.

I'll try on the RH 7.1 system with a new ATLAS 3.3.14 install system tomorrow.

This doesn't sound like a wrapper problem though.  It may be a bug in
ATLAS??? -- or just the permutations of tools we are using???  Either way,
hopefully there is fix for ATLAS that works across these tools.  If all else
fails, we can put a test of cdotu in the code, and if it fails, disbale it for
this release.


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