[SciPy-dev] sun compiler ver_match

eric eric at scipy.org
Tue Apr 9 17:45:08 CDT 2002

Hey Pearu,

You applied some patches for the Sun compiler from Berthold Höllmann a couple of
weeks ago.  The new version match string doesn't pick up the sun compiler I have
access to.  I don't have an email for Berthold.  I'd like to see if the
following will work for his machine.

ver_match =  r'f90: (?P<version>[^\s*,]*)'

The output string on my compiler is:

[123] eaj2 at teer3% f90 -V -dryrun
f90: SC4.0 11 Sep 1995 FORTRAN 90 1.1
Usage: f90 [ options ] files.  Use 'f90 -flags' for details

I don't want to make the change until I know if it is a general solution.


Eric Jones <eric at enthought.com>
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