[SciPy-dev] cdotu issue

pearu at scipy.org pearu at scipy.org
Wed Apr 10 01:35:58 CDT 2002

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, eric wrote:

> The cdotu function is failing everywhere.  

Which is not completely true. See my previous messages about where cdotu
works correctly.

> Not sure if it is ATLAS or wrappers, but it looks suspiciously like

I am not completely sure about that it is ATLAS, only. It can be because
this Fortran function cdotu returns complex that is a struct object and
returning struct objects in C is very compiler dependent. It is well
defined for gcc compilers but many native compilers do not support such
things or require  different syntax when calling such a Fortran function
from C.

I have some ideas how to resolve this issue, I'll test them and get back
to you.


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