[SciPy-dev] genetic algorithm, number theory, filter design,zerofinding

eric eric at scipy.org
Wed Apr 10 15:22:57 CDT 2002

> Note that f2py provides array_from_pyobj (see
> f2py2e/src/fortranobject.c) that accepts all kinds of Python objects
> (lists,tuples,numbers) and returns a proper Numeric array with requested
> dimensions. This function has been heavily tested and is very robust to
> its arguments. If extension writers would like to use it, we could ship it
> into scipy_base. What do you think?

Hmmm.  Yes, I think this would be helpful. We could drop this in fastumath 
(which is slowly growing to very large...).  Or another extension with a
more appropriate name (convert?) might work also.

> > Also, is there any way of checking execution time, do we really care?
> See how it is done in linalg/tests/test_basic.py,
> look for bench_* methods and how they use ScipyTestCase.measure method.
> And yes, we do care and it can be very useful.



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