[SciPy-dev] BVP code

Anders Lyckegaard al at ime.auc.dk
Tue Apr 23 12:37:44 CDT 2002

Dear scipy-developers,

This is my first post to this list.

I have been working on a bit of code that implements a shooting routine for 
two point boundary value problems. It uses the SciPy routines odeint and 
fsolve, so I was wondering if the shooting routine would be of interest to 
the SciPy community. 

I am completely new to SciPy, and Scientific Computing with Python, so don't 
expect too much. I have only used SciPy for a few days now.

I would also like to say that I think that SciPy is a great tool. It is nice 
to a somewhat larger collection of high quality modules for Scientific 
computing instead of all the small modules that are floating around the 

Best regards

Anders Lyckegaard

Anders Lyckegaard, Ph.D student
Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Aalborg University
Pontoppidanstraede 101, DK-9220 Aalborg Oest, Denmark
Phone: +45 9635 8080 (direct: +45 9635 9325), fax: +45 9815 1675
Email: al at ime.auc.dk

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