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Tue Apr 23 13:03:45 CDT 2002

Hey Anders,

Welcome.  I'm glad SciPy is proving useful to you.

I'm not familiar with shooting routines.  Can you give a little background on
what it is and perhaps a reference.  SciPy will ideally evolve into be a
repository of "best in class" algorithms that are peer reviewed.  If your
algorithm is a general solver that fits this criteria, then it is likely of
interest.  Please send a few more details.


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> Dear scipy-developers,
> This is my first post to this list.
> I have been working on a bit of code that implements a shooting routine for
> two point boundary value problems. It uses the SciPy routines odeint and
> fsolve, so I was wondering if the shooting routine would be of interest to
> the SciPy community.
> I am completely new to SciPy, and Scientific Computing with Python, so don't
> expect too much. I have only used SciPy for a few days now.
> I would also like to say that I think that SciPy is a great tool. It is nice
> to a somewhat larger collection of high quality modules for Scientific
> computing instead of all the small modules that are floating around the
> internet.
> Best regards
> Anders Lyckegaard
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