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> Hey Anders,
> Welcome.  I'm glad SciPy is proving useful to you.
> I'm not familiar with shooting routines.  Can you give a 
> little background on
> what it is and perhaps a reference.  SciPy will ideally 
> evolve into be a
> repository of "best in class" algorithms that are peer 
> reviewed.  If your
> algorithm is a general solver that fits this criteria, then 
> it is likely of
> interest.  Please send a few more details.
> thanks,
> eric

I'm not in this loop, but, shooting routines solve boundary value problems for  ODE's. For example, vibrating string problems where separation of variables leads to a second order ODE with one parameter which must satisfy a boundary condition at each end of the string. Satisfy the boundary condition at one end, and then vary the parameter until the integrated ODE satisfies the other boundary condition. Integrating the ODE provides the 'shooting'. Chebychev methods can also provide quick and simple solutions to these types of problems and perhaps it would be nice to include a selection of these.


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