[SciPy-dev] BVP code

Jochen Küpper jochen at unc.edu
Tue Apr 23 16:02:36 CDT 2002

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 19:37:44 +0200 Anders Lyckegaard wrote:

Anders> I have been working on a bit of code that implements a
Anders> shooting routine for two point boundary value problems. It
Anders> uses the SciPy routines odeint and fsolve, so I was wondering
Anders> if the shooting routine would be of interest to the SciPy
Anders> community.

It would.  I actually was thinking of doing something similar in C,
providing a Python interface, using GSL.  Maybe I just take your code

Anders> I am completely new to SciPy, and Scientific Computing with
Anders> Python, so don't expect too much. I have only used SciPy for a
Anders> few days now.

Well, it definitely is necessary to get it robust for general
usage... How do you vary the eigenvalue? How do you determine whether
accuracy conditions are met?

How does it compare to Numerov-Cooley?

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 14:03:45 -0400 eric  wrote:

eric> background on what it is and perhaps a reference.

You can look it up in Numerical Recipes, actually.  (You know all the
caveats:) Or just almost any book about ODE's, I guess.

Cooleys paper (which is not what Anders is doing! but very useful
nevertheless) is
| @Article{11901,
|   author = {J. W. Cooley},
|   title = {An Improved Eigenvalue Corrector Formula for Solving the 
|            Schrödinger Equation for Central Fields},
|   journal = {Math. Comput.},
|   volume = {15},
|   pages = {363},
|   year = {1961},
| }

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