[SciPy-dev] Digital Mars C++ Compiler

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Fri Aug 2 17:09:45 CDT 2002

I just downloaded this and tried it on a few files.  It looks dang fast
for the compile step.  That would be very nice for weave, although MSVC
does pretty well on windows (gcc is slower, but still works fine).  No
word on how fast the code runs because I didn't try anything to fancy.

Now if distutils only had support for it...

I'm very ready for a blessed gcc 3.1 release for mingw32.


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> This is a fantastic, five-star, free C++ compiler for Windows.
> Longest continuously developed C/C++ compiler for Windows.  Full
> source code to runtime libraries.  A debugger and IDE are available on
> a cheap CD-ROM.  The console tools are all free for download.  Many
> third party debuggers will also work.
> http://www.DigitalMars.com
> "Digital Mars C++ outperforms Visual C++ 6.0 with a factor greater
> 2. It outperforms Borland C++ Builder 5.0 with a factor of at least
> 2."
> http://www.janknepper.com/Programming/C++/C++.html
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