[SciPy-dev] Re: Open Office

Mark Evans lists at UltimateG.com
Sun Aug 4 23:39:50 CDT 2002

eric> In the "research phase" before we began coding, I looked
eric> at probably 15 different graphics libraries for a couple of weeks

Then the OO people could benefit from your wisdom and I plead with you
to share it with them.  The transfer of wisdom can go both ways.  They
are in preliminary stages (?) of designing their new chart architecture.

To me the low level drawing API is not nearly so important as the high
level API.  I've used packages like Mathematica for years and years,
and each of them has its problems.  I don't care how lines are drawn
but I care a lot about how the API lets me structure charts.

eric> There are a zillion component architectures out there -- COM, XPCOM,
eric> CORBA, in a way, Zope3., UNO, etc.  Hopefully, once Chaco is mature

Nah...only half a dozen major players; and not all of those are
platform independent.


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