[SciPy-dev] Re: scipy / SGI MIPSpro compiler (part 3)

Steve M. Robbins steven.robbins at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 26 12:10:55 CDT 2002

On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 08:57:32AM -0500, Pearu wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> > > bash$ cc  -version
> > > MIPSpro Compilers: Version 7.30
> > > bash$ f77 -version
> > > MIPSpro Compilers: Version 7.30
> > > bash$
> >
> > ditto, except scipy used GNU fortran:
> >
> >   swmgr at wart{f77}g77 --version
> >   GNU Fortran (GCC 3.2) 3.2 20020814 (release)
> Is there any reason why do you want use g77 and not the native f77?

No, not really.  I built python using SGI cc, but naively took
the defaults when building scipy.

> Mixing compilers is like walking on a thin ice.

You're right; it was silly of me.  

I'll try to rebuild scipy using SGI f77.  I thought it would be enough
to just remove these lines from scipy/setup.py:

 # force g77 for now
-from scipy_distutils.command import build_flib
-build_flib.all_compilers = [build_flib.gnu_fortran_compiler]

After doing so, I was able to build scipy using f77.  But it
didn't link properly, I suppose:

>>> import scipy
/home/bic/stever/irix-6/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy/linalg/lapack.py:24: UserWarning: exceptions.ImportError: No module named clapack
exceptions.ImportError: No module named cblas
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
  File "/usr/local/unstable/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy/__init__.py", line 62, in ?
    import optimize, integrate, signal, special, interpolate, cow, ga, cluster, weave
  File "/usr/local/unstable/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy/integrate/__init__.py", line 31, in ?
    from quadpack import *
  File "/usr/local/unstable/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy/integrate/quadpack.py", line 4, in ?
    import _quadpack
ImportError: 60347:python: rld: Fatal Error: unresolvable symbol in /home/bic/stever/irix-6/lib/python2.1/site-packages/scipy/integrate/_quadpack.so: ddot_

Pearu: are there other tricks needed to build with SGI cc & SGI f77?

> Could you try out the following scripts:
  [ ... ]
> I hope that the first one prints `9' and the second one prints some
> nonsense.

Yes, they do when using g77.  But it is the other way around (first is
nonsense, second prints '9') when using f77.  That sounds like a
nightmare to support.

For me, I'm happy to build everything with the SGI compilers, once
I figure out how to do it ...

Thanks for the tips,

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