[SciPy-dev] scipy / f2py / debian

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Aug 26 13:47:57 CDT 2002

    eric> The best solution is actually for scipy_distutils to be rolled
    eric> into Python's distutils.  That is what I would like to see happen,
    eric> but I don't think its inclusion is extremely.  We broached the
    eric> subject once on the distutils sig, and the only response besides
    eric> mine and Pearu's was from Paul Dubois saying it was a bad idea.  I
    eric> disagree but don't have the time to push this battle hard.  I
    eric> think it would take quite a bit of work (convincing and coding) to
    eric> get it into the core.  If someone wants to champion this issue,
    eric> I'm all for it.


Can you recap the discussion for me (off-list if that's more appropriate)?
I am new to this list but may be able to convince the python-dev powers that
be that merging your changes into distutils would be worthwhile.

Skip Montanaro
skip at pobox.com
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