[SciPy-dev] FreeBSD patch

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Wed Dec 11 12:04:33 CST 2002

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> This is the same BS that was said to me a year ago. 

Please tell me what BS was said to you a year ago?  

> At that time I sent Eric a patch.  Nothing was ever done with it.  

This is simply untrue.  

Is hard coding 'stdc++' the "patch" you are referring to?

If so review the history of build_tools.py here:


I believe the fix (not a patch from you but a change I made at your
behest) was in version 1.2 to change from including stdc++ only in linux
to including it on non-windows builds.  This was done... about a year
ago.  Subsequently we have learned including stdc++ broke many platforms
and so we changed to detecting gcc and replacing it with g++.  

That seemed like a good solution, and I would have thought it would work
on your machine.  Subsequently we have learned that your machine uses cc
to build python and so is missed on the gcc->g++ find replace.  cc
happens to be set to gcc, but there is no way for distutils to know this
without doing things like I described in the earlier mail.

I'm happy to take a patch, but I don't have time to deal with
idiosyncrasies on a platform that I have no way of testing.  If someone
provides a generic fix for FreeBSD, it will become part of weave.  If it
isn't provided, it won't.  It's as simple as that.

> I am removing SciPy from my home page.

Sorry to hear that.


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