[SciPy-dev] Done

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Wed Dec 11 12:08:50 CST 2002

> If sometime in the future I get the chance again to work on this
> project, I may reinclude it on the web site, and include my own patch.

I'll be glad to get it.

> Until that that time, I have more important stuff to work on.  

Me too.

> I just can't spend oodles of time on something and then have the
> ignore my work, as happened a year ago.

Again, your work wasn't ignored -- it was even in CVS at one point.  It
simply wasn't a generic solution.  We can't have machine-specific
patches running around in the code.  The more generic solution that we
have included doesn't work on your machine.  Obviously, we need other
iteration to make it even more generic to work on your machine.

> The "Dyadic Python" programs are my focus right now.

Good luck on your work.


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